Working with the Media
Calvin has extensive experience working with the media, especially the Los Angeles-area market, which is the second largest in the nation. For example, over his career, he has successfully handled thousands of media interactions, orchestrated hundreds of news conferences and other media events, worked with top executives in handling scores of crisis management situations, and arranged editorial board meetings with major outlets such as the Los Angeles Times. The range of media outlets that Calvin has interacted with include the major TV networks (e.g., CBS-TV "60 Minutes" and ABC-TV "Nightline" shows, CNN), national magazines (e.g., Time and U.S. News & World Report magazines), national wire services (e.g., Associated Press, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Reuters), and the leading newspapers (e.g., New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post).  Calvin sees himself as "a problem-solving manager who is strong in communications" rather than as a PR person.